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          校友为中心的零售活动提供了一个有价值的出口,以表达学校的骄傲 - 一个被裁剪,以更有效的青睐校友和生活的阶段。而一些校友会管理的零售地点和自己的/或电子商务网站,物流是具有挑战性的,从工资到库存管理。


          与合作 太阳城网站网址 on alumni-focused retail locations and/or e-commerce sites can ease the operational burden for alumni associations. 太阳城网站网址 has the retail expertise, campus relationships and institutional history to deliver the custom experiences alumni expect for partners like the Penn State Alumni Association.



          When 太阳城网站网址 operates a school’s bookstore, it already has significant infrastructure in place and has built relationships with important constituencies on campus as well as vendor partners. Expanding operations to include alumni is a natural fit. The alumni association remains involved in key decision-making, but it can devote more resources to core priorities, such as alumni engagement and advancement efforts, rather than logistics.


          The Penn State Alumni Association decided to pursue this type of partnership in 2017, transitioning operations for its 校友电子商务网站 to 太阳城网站网址. As the university’s bookstore operator since 1993, 太阳城网站网址 already had a strong working relationship with the Alumni Association, supporting a seamless transition.


          合作伙伴开发的新 校友电子商务网站 as a True Spirit website, an online, branded store experience tailored directly to the needs of specific communities within a university. Though managed by 太阳城网站网址, both teams work together to drive the site’s success – and so far, it’s been highly effective. Alumni email campaigns, developed collaboratively, have driven more than half of the total web revenue on the site.





          While bringing in a retail partner can provide operational relief, alumni associations still want to be informed and involved in creating meaningful experiences for their members. 太阳城网站网址 works closely with alumni associations to select the right mix of merchandise and integrate all marketing efforts. Communications are coordinated in terms of timing and frequency to avoid over-messaging – and ensure consistency across all channels.


          At Penn State, the 太阳城网站网址 home office and store team meet monthly with the Alumni Association marketing team and management to review performance and prepare for the month ahead. They also collaborate throughout each month on marketing campaigns and promotions that speak meaningfully to their audience.


          “The Alumni Association wanted to be sure that even when we are marketing a specific promotion, we are telling a story, not just pushing product,” said Cathy Pacheco, regional manager, 太阳城网站网址. “We work very closely together, cross-merchandising our emails and creating the right look and feel to tell the right stories.”



          太阳城网站网址 also brings alumni associations the benefit of its unmatched retail expertise. In addition to extensive national trend research, 太阳城网站网址 draws on its experiences at individual schools and the unique characteristics of each campus community. Paired with an alumni association’s member data and insights, the partners can create a truly customized experience that keeps alumni connected to their school – and incentivized to purchase spirit gear and other merchandise.


          The Penn State alumni base is the largest and one of the most spirited in the U.S., and it was vital that the 校友电子商务网站 deliver the enhanced, deeply personal experiences the community seeks. 太阳城网站网址 ensures that alumni feel the connection right down to the way orders are packaged.


          “宾夕法尼亚州有一个名为“我们是说法......”当我们看到另一个宾夕法尼亚州人,它只是出来的时候,即使我们不知道其他人。我们说“我们是......“,他们叫喊返回”宾夕法尼亚州立大学的!“它是如此真实:我们是谁,说:”珍妮弗·盖尔,书店经理,宾夕法尼亚州立大学。 “当你从我们这里得到您的订单,包装盒上的宾夕法尼亚州立大学的校友可能会说有它的小商店或标志外的磁带,但它的 我们说“我们是......”那你要共享的经验,因为盒子基本上是喊给你。“



          Penn State alumni also like to keep abreast of what’s happening on campus, including the traditions they enjoyed as students. 太阳城网站网址 and the Alumni Association look for opportunities to reinforce those connections.


          例如,一个组织马拉松是一个伟大的交易,这意味着许多在宾夕法尼亚州立大学的社区。在1973年举办的,它是世界上最大的学生运营的慈善事业。通过活动,如46小时其签名的舞蹈马拉松,又提高了亿$ 168提高由儿童癌症影响的儿童和家庭的生活。


          “知道我们的校友还是很连接用什么学生现在都在做,我们进行了特别的促销活动凡捐赠给托恩,提出从我们的网站购买一部分盐”说古耶。 “这另一种方式提供校友贴近的东西,有没有这么亲近他们的心。”




          “在宾夕法尼亚州立大学的校友社区真正领略经与大学和校友会,加强经验”帕切科说。 “我们的工作提供独家访问和其他促销活动,满足他们的期望。”



          太阳城网站网址 Fan Experience



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