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          高校按常规寻求新的方法来提高他们的校园店,开创了学生更大的价值,并产生更多的收入为学校。然而,不是每个学校要或已经准备好承接较大规模的举措,可以促进改变 - 例如大型设施改造。




          ž基因仍想要砖和砂浆的购物体验 - 事实上, 大学生的89%更喜欢在店中店


          太阳城网站网址 开始推广其 万物大学 

          有助于使我们脱颖而出“圣人说。 “随着这些生活方式的展示,我们能够为客户创造其他零售商只是没有尝试的经历。”他们的客户表现出支持的寄存器:在计划的第一年,在所有的事情大专趋势参与商店已平均在商店里增加了3.6%以上的销售没有参与那的。


          Another way 太阳城网站网址 drives store success is with targeted, insights-driven marketing. A dedicated marketing team works hand in hand with campus partners to promote everything from sales promotions to events tailored to the campus community. These efforts are driven by 太阳城网站网址’s proprietary Insights Platform of over 300,000 student voices. 研究 conducted nationally helps shape a broad market perspective, identifying and contextualizing the national trends that drive a better retail experience – and increased revenue. 太阳城网站网址 also conducts research at the local level, supplementing the deep understanding of the campus community each store team develops. 该se insights ensure a level of customization that creates a sense of customer loyalty and ownership of their campus store.






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          勒努瓦社区学院校园店 draws upon the centralized support offered by 太阳城网站网址, but it’s also empowered at the local level to serve customers and deliver a customized retail experience. This approach positively impacts customers and campus partners alike. “太阳城网站网址 has significantly limited the amount of time that I need to be actively involved in the operations of the bookstore,” said Deborah Sutton, Senior Vice President of Administrative Services and Chief Operating Officer. “Our store manager has the flexibility to make decisions regarding issues and questions…[BNC] provides excellent customer service.”


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          Uncovering new opportunities requires continuous outreach and communication to learn what different constituents need. After transitioning operations to 太阳城网站网址, the campus store at 奥斯丁·皮艾州立大学


          Austin Peay’s campus store — which also took a lifestyle approach to store design and merchandising after the transition — garnered significant results. 几年之后的4%至7%,比去年同期下降,销售额较去年同期的前两年分别增长 太阳城网站网址. And, it achieved these numbers with the same store staff and without any major renovations.


          校园 stores have a wide range of options for revitalizing their retail experience and sales, from smaller, more incremental ways to renovations and other large-scale updates. 太阳城网站网址 empowers schools to uncover new options and to implement a refreshed approach toward merchandising, customer service and campus outreach.





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